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What is Macrobiotics?
It is a way of eating based on foods in their whole form, high in fiber, low in fat. Macrobiotic food is organic and in-season, lightly cooked. It can encompass grains, beans, vegetables, salads, soups and desserts.

How can it help me?
By eating this way, you can attain greater energy, physical and emotional balance, better sleep, and a more positive outlook. Food is the essence of life. Wholesome, balanced food can help you live a wholesome, balanced life.

What does Patty do?
She comes to your home one day a week, and plans & prepares a wide array of
delicious, healthful foods, enough to last for two or three days of balanced meals. Her formal training and many years of experience in macrobiotics also make her a wonderful resource in matters of food, health, and healing.


Personal Chef
Patricia Schniers

Why does Patty do this work?
"Until 1982 I ate a Standard American Diet. I also experienced health problems--upper and lower digestive difficulties, weight control issues, and sinus infections. I happened to get a job in a health food store, and was introduced to the idea of a Vegetarian Diet. The lights went on! This was intuitively appealing, so I started easing into it. At first I stopped using dairy products, and soon eliminated all meat, fish, and poultry. Soon, I started losing weight, digesting easily, eliminating regularly, and being free of sinus infections.

"Within a couple of years, I was eating an almost completely macrobiotic diet. I began studying the writings of George Ohsawa, who brought macrobiotics to America. My interest deepened, and a series of cooking classes with Bonnie Breidenbach led to a three-year training-assistantship. Some time went by, cooking and eating macrobiotic food, working in health food stores and delis. I became Lenore Baum's assistant early in 1991, and studied with her for two years. She recommended me to her students for cooking in their homes. This began what I continue to do to this date. I really enjoy cooking and helping people get their health back on track!"

How can I contact Patty?
phone 734-525-1645 or email

"Patty is a very talented and experienced Macrobiotic Cook. The food she prepares sparkles with life, freshness and energy. It is beautifully prepared and it looks and feels delightfully nourishing, both to the eyes, taste buds, and body. She prepares wonderful meals with a variety of flavors, textures. She knows a variety of delightful recipes and can prepare full and balanced meals. She is honest, reliable, on time, and uses clean, safe food preparation techniques. She always leaves the kitchen clean and neat.

Patty is very gentle and caring. She once told me that she loves all the aspects of cooking. When she cooks for others, it is her intent to share this love and caring through her beautiful nourishing food.

Having Patty cook for me was a wonderful experience. She is an excellent cook, and sensitive to her clients special needs.

She possesses the important qualities of honesty, reliability, integrity, and she is also a loving, caring, good-natured person. She is wonderful to be around and work with. Over time we developed a wonderful friendship that has lasted even after I moved to California.

The food she prepares is a wonderful gift to our minds and our body." --Cheryl Ellis


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