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Where the Essentials Come From

A well-balanced diet of grains, beans, fresh vegetables, seeds and fruits provides us with all the nutritional essentials we need. Here are the best sources (by weight of edible food portion) of vitamins, minerals, proteins, oils, and starches in our principal foods:


  • A: Green leafy vegetables, dandelion greens, carrots, parsley, kale, lettuce, watercress, spinach.
  • B1: Almonds, kelp, soybeans, brown rice, beans, lentils
  • B2: Sunflower seeds, rice bran, soybeans, peanuts, pinto beans, millet, wheat, rye, sesame seeds.
  • C: Parsley, watercress, cabbage, beets, carrot tops
  • D: Dried fish (Bonito flakes), some vegetables. Sunlight is the best source of this vitamin.
  • E: Rice and all whole cereals, nuts, beans, green leafy vegetables
  • F: Vegetable oils, olive and sesame oils. Choose oil in dark bottles so light does not deplete its essential nutrients.
  • K: Green leafy vegetables (cabbage, parsley, spinach), brown rice. It is also produced by intestinal flora.


  • Calcium: Sesame seeds, sea vegetables, green vegetables (watercress, dandelion), nuts, sunflower seeds.
  • Magnesium: Sea vegetables, soybeans, lentils, green leafy vegetables
  • Phosphorus: Cereals, sea vegetables, nuts, beans
  • Potassium: Sea vegetables, soybeans, dried fruits, nuts, vegetables
  • Iron: Sea vegetables, soybeans, dried fruits, nuts, vegetables
  • Iodine: Sea vegetables, green vegetables
  • Sodium: Sea vegetables, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits


  • Cereals, beans, nuts, and assorted vegetables contain all the essential amino acids we need. Miso and shoyu (pure soybean products) are particularly rich in these essential nutrients.

Fats and Oils

  • In the Macrobiotic diet, our principal oils and fats are the unsaturated type. We derive most of our fats from the unrefined vegetable oils we use in cooking and baking. Among the cereal grains, oats have the highest amount of fat, while small amounts are found in almost all vegetables.

Starches (carbohydrates)

  • Natural sugars are found in abundance in cereals and vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Eating organic foods is healthier for your body. Non-organic foods are sprayed with pesticides. These can line the walls of the intestines and inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals.



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